Since Espinaler’s foundation in 1896, we have worked to maintain the qualitative rigour that has characterised us.   

At Espinaler, we understand and act upon our priorities: meeting and satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients.
We recognise that excellence can only be achieved by ensuring the safety, quality and legality of the products we market. And through mindful participation in the process of harvesting, processing and packaging from the sea, or land, to the table.    

At Espinaler, we actively select the best ingredients in their place of origin, and produce goods that will improve the quality of life of our costumers. 

Our quality policy also involves the processes of production and distribution, as well as the final presentation to the consumer.
We carry out a thorough follow-up of the production processes, especially at those stages critical to the quality of the product. And we carry out checks both in the plant and in the laboratory.

To ensure the highest quality and food safety of all products served in our establishments, as well as those marketed under our own brand, is one of the foundational principles of Espinaler.

For us, it is a must that we ensure the best quality from suppliers. 
We aim to ensure our activities contribute to our ongoing commitment to improvement. Accordingly, we prioritise implementing all the mandatory actions for a high rate of success.