The Beginning (1896)

Espinaler was born in 1896, when Miquel Riera y Prat settled in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona), he came from a farmhouse located near the ‘Espinal’ bridge (Argentona, Barcelona), and inaugurated the Espinaler tavern, where it offered the “vase” of wine and the “mix” to the people of the village. 

The tavern was the typical Mediterranean establishment, small, cozy and with a rustic and familiar feel that, with the passage of years and generation after generation, has been maintained. 

In 1907, thanks to the hard work of Miquel Riera y Prat, Espinaler earned the license to sell tobacco, which was an important boost to the family business.

Creation of the Espinaler Sauce (1952)

In 1952, Ventureta Roldós, wife of Joan Tapias, formulated the Espinaler Sauce: a combination of high-quality vinegar, red pepper, black pepper and carefully selected spices. Today, it is internationally recognised as the company’s flagship product.

La Salsa Espinaler

Change of course in business
The Espinaler Revolution

Miquel Tapias Roldós, the founder’s great grandson, took over the business in the 70s. With him, a revolution took place at Espinaler. He began travelling to Galicia, internationally known as one of the best marine environments, to hand select the best seafood at auctions. This was the starting point of Espinaler’s canned seafood selection. In 2000, the preserves’ reach extended nationally.    

Also in the year 2000, the opening of Espinaler’s warehouse-store in Vilassar de Mar (with an expansive size of 1.300 m²) facilitated more growth. The store displays a great variety of Espinaler products, more than 200 references, and a selection of the best gourmet products on the market. In total, more than 4.500 references make up the gourmet empire of the Espinaler Warehouse.

Year 1975

Best Gourmet Store Award (2012)

In 2012, within the framework of the Gourmets Fair in Madrid, our Espinaler Store in Vilassar de Mar was awarded the prize for the Best Specialised Gourmet Store in Spain. 

The Expansion (2012)

In 2012, Espinaler began its expansion to Europe. Today, the company exports its products to over 40 countries!

David and Miki Tapias, great great grandsons of the founder, ensures that the same philosophy passed down from father to son over 5 generations are propagating the company: to offer products of the highest-quality, elaborated and packaged in its optimum moment.